Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Father In Law Probably Thinks I Can't Cook

So every meal I've made today has been a complete disaster, except for dinner.
Let me start off by saying that I had not yet gone grocery shopping and we were pretty bare. For lunch, I looked what we had and decided to try my own recipe. I found some noodles, sliced tomatoes, shrimp, and cheese. I tossed in some hot sauce and Italian seasoning. After 30 minutes the meal was cooked. I mixed in some cheese, then added some on top. And realized there was mold. Great. Flipping great. I just made a moldy cheese meal for my husband and father in law. This meal was going down the drain. I was so frustrated but had an appointment to go too so they were stuck with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because we had no meat. I know - I'm awful.
After my appointment I head on over to the grocery store where I pick up some much needed groceries. We decided to make some lasagna. I gathered the necessary ingredients and headed home. I also want to add that I was making a meal for my friend whose daughter had surgery. I would have shared my lasagna but she's allergic to tomatoes. I was making her a chicken broccoli casserole. I turned on the oven, got the noodles for lasagna going, and began prepping the chicken. It seemed as if the oven was taking a while to preheat and I was starting to smell something. That's when it hit me. I had put some dishes in the oven. One being a plastic cutting board. That cutting board was slightly melted. Well, now I couldn't cook the chicken because I was afraid something from the plastic would ruin it. Thank goodness I could boil it! While I began layering the lasagna and finishing the rice for the casserole, I cranked up the oven in hopes that it would burn off any residue.
And that my friends, is what happened to me in the kitchens. Best of luck to you on your cooking endeavors.

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