Friday, October 7, 2011

Sometimes the military isn't all that fun

Especially when your a military spouse, with a child, and you finally, FINALLY find someone that meshes with you so well. I've had a few friends that are great moms. Their parenting style is the same as mine and we respect each other as parents, wives, and friends. I got to see my friend Jana this year in Orlando. She will soon be moving over seas. She moved a few years ago to Alabama. I was ok with that because I knew we would still see each other at least once a year. Now she is moving to Germany and I am so sad.
Cat is the next one to leave. :( We met in birth class. With her daughter arriving early and mine arriving late they are just 5 weeks apart. Allie, her daughter, gets so excited when she see's us! Her and Rod have loads of fun together. We have become close in the past couple of months. Seeing her leave is going to be so sad. I'm not sure why God put us together for such a short time but he did.
I have two choices. I can sit around and be sad, or I can appreciate my friend while she is here a little longer. I know we will be friends for life and hopefully we will see each other in person again. I am also thankful for my other friends. God has put each and every one of them in my life for a reason. One introduced me to MOPS, another a bible study, another has been my best friend since 8th grade, I have a great travel partner, and friends who always make me laugh, and most off all, friends who will be friends no matter what. And even though we don't talk every day, see each other often, or even have kids the same age, they are important to me. I am blessed by how many friends I have and how they stand by me.

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