Sunday, November 6, 2011

Posts that bother me

I am usually not one to discuss stupid posts on Facebook. But what I read this morning really bothered me. I am a part of a fitness support group. I really like it and think it's pretty supportive. What i read broke my heart. One gal posted that her adorable three year old went up to some kids eating McDonalds and told them "McDonalds makes you fat." Later the three year old went up to a woman drinking from a McDonalds cup and told her the same thing.
I couldn't help but find this neither cute nor adorable. I just thought, wow, this poor girl is three years old and already is worrying about fat. She probably hurt some feelings. Especially if any of the people she said that to were on the heavier side. I don't think a three year old should worry about fat. I'm new to this group and didn't want to start anything but I had to say something. I basically told her that I thought it was sad. Instead of focusing on body image she should focus on being healthy. There are plenty of skinny people who are not healthy because of what they eat or sometimes not eat.
Thin does not mean healthy and it bothers me that people are teaching children this. healthy is eating the right foods, getting exercise, and having good self esteem. I am not even sure what happened. When I got back on later it had been deleted. I hope that maybe she changes her outlook on what she says to her kid. But she probably wont. It's time to start promoting healthy life styles and not unhealthy self images.

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