Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meeting with the Pastor

That was today.  I was very nervous about it for some reason.  Not sure why, it's not like I had a reason to be.  I cleaned my house all day, but it didn't seem clean enough.  swept, mopped, vacuumed, clean kitchen.  Maybe it was the plethora of baby toys that have inhabited our living room.   Either way, I had to make something for him to eat.  I chose poppy seed cake.  It took awhile to bake but turned out great, especially with warm glaze. Mmmmm.... 

The meeting was uneventful.  We did decide to become members of the church and he explained to us what being a member means, plans for the church, yada yada yada.  As he was leaving, I thought I smelled something burning.  I know it wasn't the cake because I had taken it out of the oven.  I know it wasn't the glaze because I know I had turned that off.  I said goodbye and Mike called me into the kitchen.
Oh no!  My glaze burned!
Oh crap - my spoon melted

 Apparently, I forgot to turn off the stove, which resulted in burned glaze and my rice spoon being melted.  That is the perfect spoon and it is melted! I'm so dissapointed.  Of all the things to melt, it had to be THAT spoon!  UGH!  I can't believe I melted a spoon.  The pot is currently soaking and I hope that I didn't ruin our that as well!

On a happier note, Rod was extra cute today - I just love his chubby cheeks!

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