Sunday, February 5, 2012

Traveling alone with a baby....

             I'm sure many of you are wondering how my solo trip to Orlando with Hot Rod went. was amazing!  We started off leaving later than normal.  And by that, I mean we left at 6:30 p.m.  I figured it would be ok because he would sleep and i could get some prime driving time in. Which I did!  Drove until 2:00 in the morning.  I first stopped at a Hampton inn.  I waited 10 minutes without help.  I left and found a Marriot.  They guy at the counter must have felt bad for me because he gave me a discount and access to the lounge.  Free breakfast - I'm up for that. 
            Let me us tell you about the breakfast.  It was embarrassing.  When I travel, I wear comfy clothes - yoga pants and a tank top with flip flops.  I go up with Rod and whose there - EVERYONE in a business soup.  Boy, did I ever feel out of place!  To make things more interesting, Rod wanted down and was "talking" loudly.  They were all on cell phones or laptops; clearly irritated by the crazy woman and her baby.  I'm pretty sure they thought I just snuck in. :/  lol oh well.
             Day two was amazing as well.  We got lots of drive time in.  Lots of stops too.  We stopped at the Kentucky Damn State Park and played on the play ground.  We stopped at restraunts and he got some different scenery.  It ended up being another knight in which I drove until 1:30 a.m.  I stopped at a Best Western, which was cheaper than the Marriot, but not as nice.  At least it was a good place to sleep. 
              By Day 3 Rod was ready to get out of the car. While we had about a 6 hour drive, Rod was frustrated and not wanting to be in the seat any more.  Can you blame him?   Luckily he was tolerable until the hotel.  Once at the hotel I took him to the play ground and let him run around Shades of green.  
I've been asked if I would do it again.  Heck yes I would!  :)  I would LOVE to travel alone.  Maybe to Colorado or  back to Oklahoma!   Hot Rod is a true traveling buddy!  I love him!

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