Monday, April 9, 2012

I know it's been awhile....

I know it's been awhile - but I have got to tell you about my day.

The morning started off typical.  Fed Rod, played with Rod, watched Mickey Mouse with Rod, put Rod to bed, worked out....  Now comes the fun part.

I had to run out to Whole Foods to get some fish.   So Rod and I headed out there.  It's about a 20 minute drive but it's worth it to get wild caught fish.  :)  As soon as I pull into the parking lot - I realize I don't have my debit card.  Mind you, it's nearly 5:00 and already dealt with traffic on the way out to the store.  Well, I found a credit card and decided to just use that.   So I go shopping- and check out.  Boom. Card is declined.  I try again.  It declines again.  Expired.  CRAAAAAP!  So here I am with bags of groceries and no money.  First of all, I'm at this stupid store and to have my card declined is embarrassing.  Of course, the line starts to line up and I explain to the cashier that I need to go get money.  And she has to get an override to cancel out the order.  Gah.  So I run off only to realize that I took one of the bags with  me!  I have to do the walk of shame back to the cashier to give back the groceries I couldn't pay for.

We get out to the car.  I put Rod in the back seat - not buckled up or anything just sit him in his chair.  I needed to use google to find our bank.  Once I found it I went to buckle Rod in. I get out of the car and he is standing in his car seat, window down, shoes thrown out and he is having the time of his life.  Got the shoes in the car, Rod buckled in, and window rolled up.   I go to the bank and pull out the needed cash.  The fight traffic back to Whole Foods and pay for my food. 

On the way home I desperatly needed some peach so I turned on K Love.  Rod happily munched on a rice cake in the back and relaxed while driving home.  When we got home Mike was working on the truck and Rod wanted to "help" daddy.  I went in to put away the groceries and soon the boys walk in.  Then poor Rod trips on a rug and busts his lip open. :(  He quickly is comforted by some water and Yo Gabba Gabba.  Not my favorite movie but I was trying to get dinner ready while Mike cleaned up.  My sister was coming over and I wanted it ready by the time she arrived. 

Dinner went great and we even had time to take Rod to the park.  Mike gave him a bath while Kayla and I hung out.  Next thing you know, Rod comes running out of the bathroom laughing hysterically.  He was running strait to me when he slipped on the floor and fell on his face - again!  Poor kid.  I felt so bad to see him running all naked to give me a hug and then BOOM!

So that has been our day.  A humorous, embarrassing, painful, evening.  At least dinner turned out good.  And for once, I didn't over cook the fish!

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  1. Oh dear! Sounds like those were a rough couple of hours.